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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Much is Posting & Packaging?

Posting and packaging is free (Royal Mail: 2nd class) unless you require an urgent dispatch, in which case an additional charge will be added depending on current tariffs.  Find out more about shipping.


Is My Earthenware Pottery (Tableware) Microwave Safe?

Yes you can microwave tableware but it shortens the life of the piece so it is recommended you try to avoid it. Also the microwave will leave the outside of the cup and handle hot to the touch due to the porous nature of earthenware clay, so take extra care.


What's The Best Way To Keep My Cup Clean?

Slipware that has stained can be cleaned by soaking the pottery piece in some hot water and gently scrubbing the cup with a plastic or normal scouring pad. Do not use a metal scouring pad since it may damage the earthenware.


What Do You Mean By Hand Made?

Each piece of pottery is handmade by myself; using my hands, potting tools and my trusty pottery wheel. I never use casting moulds or templates, your piece really is one of a kind and could never be replicated. It is a piece of art, not just a practical product. Read more about the process of earthenware pottery.


Can I Visit?

Sure! I live in Lancashire (Bolton-le-sands to be precise) so if you're close by then email me and I'll try to arrange something. If you're curious about my practice then check out the about me page.