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Potfest: In the Park 2012

By Thomas Birnie, Aug 1 2012 01:00AM

Potfest, the annual ceramics festival in Cumbria, is located in the idyllic Hutton-in-the-Forest. Fitting grounds for beautiful clay objects to be gathered en mass, for the viewing pleasure of an enthusiastic public.

As a first time exhibitor, I had my anxieties; would I feel out of place in such illustrious company? Would fellow exhibitors and the public embrace my take on the slipware tradition? How would this translate into sales? After basking in the festivals warm embrace, I knew my anxieties were misplaced. Everyone I encountered was friendly; most went out of their way to provide help and assistance. Spending 3 days in the presence of those who have gone before me, who know how it feels, what it takes and the realities of making ends meet in this uncertain and at times precarious industry; was heart-warming and full of promise.

I am privileged to have exhibited at such a renowned festival and to have mingled with some lovely, talented and supportive people. Potfest ’12 was just the beginning for me, I long to play a part at such exhibitions and continue my learning.


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